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Orpington U3A

Monthly General Meeting at Crofton Halls

16th September 2024, 14:00

Doors open at 2pm for refreshments until the main meeting starts at 2:30pm

James Gillray: First Ever Political Cartoonist - Ian Keable

James Gillray succeeded William Hogarth as the primary satirist of the 18th century, not only taking caricaturing to new heights but also refining the format of the cartoon to one that we are now familiar with. He took no prisoners in his depictions of politicians and the royal family alike. Combined with his brilliant draughtsmanship and engraving skills was a love of modern and classical art and literature which he seamlessly weaved into the subject matter of his prints. At the end of his life he suffered the same fate as George III, who he so vividly satirised in many of his works; he died insane in 1815 and his reputation soon plummeted during the Victorian climate of moralistic righteousness. Today, however, he is now generally accepted as the first, and the greatest, political cartoonist, still revered today by modern cartoonists

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