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Orpington U3A

Monthly General Meeting at Crofton Halls

21st November 2022, 14:00

Orpington Video & Film Makers (OVFM) - David Laker

David will give a 1-hour film show using films from their archive of well over 500 films stretching back over the last 60+ years since OVFM was formed as Orpington Cine Society in 1958. It will start with a film shot in the High Street around the time u3a began and end with a recent film about the History of the Knoll area of Orpington. In between, he will show a mix of comedies, documentaries and dramas. He will be happy to take any questions afterwards.

Bookworms will again be having a paperback only sale at the November meeting.
Please remember - no hardbacks this time but we will gladly accept paperback book offers on the day.
To make financial matters easier, book prices will be 50pence per book so bring along your 50p and pound coins on the day. A u3a member has offered about a hundred books she bought during lockdown, so with her donations and yours there should be a large selection to choose from.

Members who joined after 1 March are invited to join us around 3.30 after the main meeting to meet the Committee, get to know each other and chat with many of the Interest Group Leaders who will be on hand.

Registered Charity No. 1076544

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